Get ready for an action packed film this August – Total Recall 2012

Hey people! I’m back again to give you your daily dose of entertainment. I’m sure you would like to about a movie before you can decide to go watch it. I’m here for the same purpose! Today I’m going to tell you all about the movie Total Recall so you can decide if its worth your money. So lets get started then! This is an American science fiction film which could also be included in the action genre.

Total Recall 2012 is all set to entertain you on 3rd of August!
Total Recall 2012 is all set to entertain you on 3rd of August!

It is an adaptation of the famous book We Can Remember It For You Wholesale which came way back in the year 1966. Penned by Philip K the story was so impressive that they decided to bring the characters to life on the big screen.

Directed by Len Wiseman the film has Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, John Cho and Bill Nighy in the lead roles. Since I said science fiction in the beginning of this article I can easily guess that the plot is going to sound very interesting to most of you out there! The story starts with a political setting and takes us directly into the 2084 where the world is divided into the Euroamerica [Western Hemisphere] and New Shanghai [Eastern Hemisphere]. The story narrates the fight for supremacy between these two parts of the world and how the characters evolve as the plot unfolds. The work on this film had started in 2009 itself but a lot of hard work to give the best film pushed its release to 2012.

Total Recall 2012 Official Trailer [HD]: Colin Farrell Recalls His Dangerous Past:

A fact worth knowing is that Kate Beckinsale who plays Lori Quaid in the film is none other than the wife of Len Wiseman, the director of the film. Most of the casting was done with by the 25th of May. Only the photography of the film took a long time starting from 16th May 2011 to 20th September 2011 in Toronto. What’s
more shocking is that only the photography cost them as much as 200 million dollars. The film is finally ready to come before the audience of the US and Canada on August 3rd this year. With so many wonderful pieces of information regarding the movie, it is sure to have raised the level of expectations. Do you think it will live up to all of them?

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