Get Ready to ride on Grant Ryan’s Lightest YikeBike

It was 5 years the hard work, intelligence, and creativity of Grant Ryan which resulted in the birth of the YikeBike on the 2nd September 2009 in Germany. This YikeBike has been created by Ryan keeping in mind the urban street problems and lack of time. It is a cycle like a motorbike which has no chain pedal, gearbox mechanical brake, cables, or levers but functions on a controller.

YikeBike - The world's first super light electric folding bike. | Urban Freedom
YikeBike – The world’s first super light electric folding bike. | Urban Freedom

It has electronic anti-skid breaks, inbuilt lights, and indicators. The most amazing thing about this YikeBike is that it weighs only 10kg and can be folded into a backpack within 20 seconds. It is best suited for a short point to point journeys, involves no risk, and is very easy to use. This unique creation of Ryan found its way into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the smallest and most compact bike in the world!

Along with this, the YikeBike has also won many prestigious awards like Best Design Award, the International Design Award, and others. The YikeBike is ultra-light, a genius for speeding between meetings, and gives a great sense of freedom. Rod Oram is the first customer to receive a YikeBike. It has also been test-driven to make sure it runs smoothly on all kinds of roads. The YikeBike can be bought at the YikeBike online shop.

YikeBike – Urban Freedom

Its sale is restricted only to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA for now. It costs 3,595 dollars in the US, 2,422 in the UK, 2,872 in Europe and AUD, and 3,909 dollars in Australia. These prices exclude the delivery, duty, and tax but include a 1-year warranty to the country to which it is delivered. Although Ryan faces onlookers with strange expressions every day he is very confident that one day it will be the YikeBike that every person will use to commute to work!

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