Getting your passport “Re-Issued” in Tatkal at Hyderabad?

So ya, my passport was about to expire and given my “situation” I needed to get the passport “re-issued” in Tatkal. Yes, it is not a “renew” but called a re-issue if you have an expiring/expired passport and plan to get a new passport. I researched all over the net trying to find information on how to get a passport from the Hyderabad office.

Getting your passport "re-issued" in Tatkal at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Getting your passport “re-issued” in Tatkal at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Except for the official website and an interesting blog written almost 2 years back, there weren’t many “personal” experiences shared online on how to get a passport.

The website too had outdated information regarding some of the documents and I was almost at square one regarding the clarity of the process. Now that I have successfully got my passport, I thought sharing my experience will help all those people just like me looking for step by step process on how to get their passport in Tatkal.

This blog contains additional information /processes you need to know regarding getting your passport “re-issued” in “Tatkal” from the Hyderabad office. You need to go through the official website first to get all the necessary information and then read this blog.

Here is what I have:

  1. For Tatkal, you cannot go through an agent to submit the documents. You need to go in person to the passport office and submit the application. For normal processing, any passport agent can submit an application on your behalf for a price ranging from 600-2500 Rs.(Yes, the price varies, don’t ask me what’s the difference as I didn’t go for normal processing).
  2. Effective 18th August 2011, you must have a “verification certificate” if you want a passport in Tatkal. What is a verification certificate and how do you get it and from whom you need to get it, all this information is available on the official website here. I needed a verification certificate because I had a change of address, so if you need the same, you MUST have a verification certificate. The website says if you have 3 IDs as proof of address that works but NO, your application would be rejected without a “Verification Certificate”. That’s the new rule. I am not sure if you need one if there is no change of address. There was a guy who didn’t have a change of address and yet he was asked for a verification certificate.
  3. The documents that you need:
    • Passport Application form (fill it online). After you submit online, take a print out and you need to wait 2 days before you go for your documents submission.
    • Verification certificate – 2 of them, originals
    • Annexure I (check here for information on this). I would recommend the agents near the passport office for getting this done and getting the application filled online. They do a pretty good job of around Rs.500.
    • Address proof – 2 xerox copies – I took voter id. – self-attested
    • Old Passport copy – full passport xerox, self-attested
    • One 10th Certificate xerox – if you are eligible for ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required). Any 10th Pass candidate qualifies for ECNR.
    • Rs.1500 (Tatkal fee) + Rs.1000(passport fee)
    • Photos – 2 for verification certificate, 3 for a passport application form
      Old Passport
      Voter Id Card
      10th certificate
  4. People tell you that you should reach the passport office and be in line from 4 AM or 3 AM in the morning etc do not need that for the Tatkal application. You can be there by 7 AM with all documents. The lunchtime is from 1 PM – 2 PM. So if you are there by 7 AM you should be done before lunchtime. If not, you will have to wait for all through lunchtime and then get to your turn.

So the office opened at 9 AM. They just signed the document and let me in. Then I waited for 1 more hour in the line inside to get my token number. They mentioned the counter name and token number. Then I went upstairs and waited at the counter for my turn. People there might not sit in the order of their token number but don’t worry and chill.

The officer there takes the applications in the token number order. We coordinated there with each other and sat in the order of token numbers. Civility helps :)..we saw people at other counters fighting for their places, but as long as you are civil to each other, you should be good :).

Once your turn comes, the officer checks all your papers ask for originals verifies and returns originals, and then if everything looks ok, he will accept the application and give you back the application inside a folder.

You need to go to the fees counter, tie up both the application and folder, give it to the person there, pay your fees 1500 (Tatkal fee) + 1000 (passport fee) Rs. He/She would give you the receipt of acknowledgment and you are good to go. I got my passport in 1 week’s time.

Hope this helps.

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