Ghost to take over the world of blogging

Blogging has become one of the most fun and effective tool for communicating from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to be a professional to blog, and while there are many blogging platforms available Ghost is having a new idea in their mind.

Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform
Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform

Not only in terms of features but also in technical aspects this blogging platform is unique and is about the users and not about money making. The team of Ghost headed by John O’Nolan believe in the ‘writer-first’ philosophy. Editing posts is easier when using Ghost, it can also be used through your smart phone as well as tablets. The project is a non-profit one, which makes it profitable for users as the team would focus on making the customers happy and not increasing the profits.

On the 29th of April 2013, Ghost was officially released into the world of blogging through Kickstarter. The Ghost platform is dedicated to publishing, one of the key features of Ghost is that it has a smart writing screen like no other platform. Users can markdown on the left and see the preview simultaneously on the right side of the screen. The Dashboard is the most crucial part for the blogger, and Ghost grabs all of that data and puts it into one place, so you can visualize it all at once. It comes with the option to instantly connect to social media websites as well.

John O’Nolan founder of Ghost Explains the future of blogging

Ghost provides users with great themes which are all for free, and also is great for team bloggers. This could be the future of blogging, the head of the project explains Ghost very clearly in his introduction video. And most definitely this is a blogging platform that’s soon going to become a force to reckon with. In the end of the day freedom of speech via blogging is the IT thing these days!

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  1. awaiting ghost quite desperately !!
    Hopefully soon their collection gets over and they go live .. It is surely the next big thing in blogging .. i suppose

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