Give the power of Dune HD Media Player to your TV!

Hello all! It’s time for some techie news of the day. If you are bored of your ordinary TV that gives you just about an average picture quality I can tell you how to make it magical. To add a touch of magic to your regular, boring TV all you have to do is buy a Dune High-Definition Media Player. What is so magical about it? What is the Dune HD Media Player going to do to your TV? Let’s find out right away!

DUNE HD Media Player for your Television!
DUNE HD World’s Smallest Media Player for your Television!

The Dune HD Media Player will simply turn your TV into a smart TV. This amazing device comes in a compact stick format and easily slides into HDMI socket enabling you to watch movies, TV, use the internet with Wifi and a number of other functions. I would say it’s an outstanding all in one device which once bought serves all purposes.

Now let’s dig deeper and get to know the Dune HD Media Player a little more. Since it comes with all the features of a regular Dune Media Player available in the market it just gives you a better advantage over the others. What can be better than a superior quality full 1080p HD video and audio? Its small size and easy usability has made it more desirable than anything else. Its micro SD slot and a USB port allow it to gel with any local content. Its small size also gives us an advantage of space management. You will see that it is a least space occupying device in the room and does not need extra boxes to support it. Isn’t it something you always wanted? The good news is the Dune HD Media Player can also be used by those who do not have HDMI slots in their TVs. Instead it comes with a special adapter to serve the same purpose.

The Dune HD Connect and Connect 3D are being presented and demonstrated at the IFA Show in Berlin (31 August to 5 September). As part of activities at IFA, Dune HD will showcase an extensive range of new products, which feature faster performance and full 3D support to deliver the richest user experience. These include:

  • Dune HD TV-102 and TV-103D – replacing the award-winning Dune HD TV-101, these compact sized hybrid universal media players have an updated chipset, and, in the case of the TV-103D, full 3D support
  • Dune HD TV-202 and TV-203D – a fully featured hybrid universal media player, including two USB ports and an SD card for easy access to content, along with 3D capabilities in the 203D
  • Dune HD TV-402 and TV-403D – a high performance hybrid universal media player box with twin tuners, hard drive bay and now 3D support in the TV-403D
  • Dune HD Max 3D – a new 3D version of Dune HD’s top of the range Max universal media player, which includes a built-in Blu-ray player to access the widest possible range of file formats

You might want to ask why Dune HD Media Player and not anything else. I have a very convincing answer to this question of yours. If you review the history of this company you will see that it has managed to get to a leading position in media players and set top boxes. The price of this wonderful device is yet to be announced. Take a look at what the CEO of Dune HD – Konstantin Dyshlevoy had to say on this special occasion.

“The new Dune HD Connect and Connect 3D are the perfect solution for consumers that want to turn their existing screens into Smart TVs, making it simple for them to enjoy the widest range of content in their living rooms.” – Konstantin Dyshlevoy

He added As the world’s smallest Full HD media players, the Dune HD Connect range shows the innovation that goes into all of our products, which can be seen in our newly extended line-up of media players that add 3D support and faster performance. Is it not convincing enough for you to go out there and buy it? Be quick! I’m waiting for an answer.

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