Giving Hope To The Homeless!

It is god who made us all. He created all of us to live in a world of equality. But the circumstances each of us are put in creates differences among us. It is our duty to try and reduce if not remove the differences.

This is what was the aim of a group of noble people in Los Angeles. Their way of removing the differences is unique. They believe that everybody is entitled to spend time grooming themselves.

What’s The Difference

When it comes to grooming of the homeless, what’s better than giving them a nice hair cut which they haven’t had for a while now? There are 6,00,000 homeless people in the United States. A few of the lucky people among them got a chance to have a free haircut and look at their beautiful self that has been hiding behind their poverty.

The video reminds us that we are all the same and encourages us to be kind to fellow humans. It’s time to get inspired and take a step towards humanity. The video was has been successful in inspiring me. Has it inspired you too?

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