Glide Video Walkie Talkie

Glide is the worlds first video texting App. This app is not only fun to use and experiment with it is also very convenient for the users at both ends. This app is akin to Whatsapp but with the video texting option, and live streaming of videos as well.

Glide - Video message your friends!
Glide – Video message your friends!

So, basically if you’re not the kind who likes to type, or would rather just speak to the person than send them text messages, this App is definitely for you. You simply have to choose the contact on your list, and send them a video text message which they can view in live time or later if they’re offline. You don’t have to worry about the receiver being online as well, all unwatched messages can be viewed when online by the recipient. The fun aspect of this app is you can involve groups into it too, to send group messages basically. The App is available for free, for all Google’s Android and iOS Apple users.

The app makers are selling this product on two main points;

  1. Faster than messaging in terms of waiting for downloading and uploading. Just click and send the video.
  2. Easier than video chat in that you don’t have to wait for the contact to be online you can simply send the video and they can view it at their convenience.

Glide Video Talkie for Android and iOS

Well it sure is a fun app, you can sign in from Facebook, so no matter if you have Android or an Apple product you will need to have a Facebook id to log in, but that will definitely expand considering that there are definitely many customers who text but aren’t on Facebook. This is a fun App that commands a download and experiment.

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