Global warming at traffic signal!

All thanks to the vehicle in front me waiting for the red light to turn green, a realization dawned on me at the traffic signal the other day. A cloud of smoke from  the vehicle blurred not only my sight but also choked my respiratory tract and just for an iota of a minute transported me to a world which was all black and dreary.

Traffic Pollution - Nitration is considered a prime suspect for rising allergy rates due to vehicular pollution. - Photo: V. Ganesan -
Traffic Pollution - Nitration is considered a prime suspect for rising allergy rates due to vehicular pollution. - Photo: V. Ganesan - Image from -

Looking around I saw a sea of vehicles all throttling, waiting for the signal to turn green and in turn exhuming clouds of smoke which enveloped the entire road around! Next day morning, glancing at the newspaper I saw an interesting article about Maldives scouting for a country for its denizens. Reading further I realized that owing to global warming the nation ran the danger of getting submerged and thus was scouting for land for its people.

It was then that I found some between the previous evening’s experience and global warming which in turn was going to bring about mayhem to the world. That was just one cross road in a city in a country! Just imagine the scores of vehicles at innumerable crossroads in countless countries spitting black fumes and causing pollution of the highest order. The rate at which pollution rates are increasing, it won’t come as a surprise one day to find island nations expressing their concern like Maldives.

Global Warming
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Suggestions and solutions are many that could be done to counter this. But the small things which needs to be done at an individual level that brings about a change or rather a wave of change is what matters. And one such thing is planting trees. I realize that many people would complain of lack of space in their apartments or residence. Well, for all those of you, just bring small flower pot with a plant and water it everyday. Perhaps, in your own small way you too could make a contribution. Being judicious in your use of your vehicles could be another way in which you could contribute to help save this ‘our’ earth. Walking is good and it won’t be a bad idea to go to places by walk (which are within walking distances).

The saying

A stitch in time saves nine

is all that comes to my mind when I think of this situation. There is still an outside chance to help and save this earth. Let’s all contribute in our own small way and bring about a difference!

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