Gold Standard CBD Oil Review

Organic Hemp Stix

Gold Standard CBD’s product line offers an array of value for CBD users because it has 3 different delivery methods and three different cannabinoid profiles.

  1. Hemp Stix is made with hemp flower. Hemp flower, as explained later, has trace amounts of THC in it. Anyone being drug tested should steer clear of using flower products or use them with extreme caution. Smoking hemp flower is very effective for treating symptoms that require immediate short-term relief. Examples include pain, anxiety, or for a person with epilepsy, the onset of a seizure. Hemp flower contains a ton of cannabinoids. When you inhale something, it has the fastest bioavailability for your body. Therefore smoking hemp flower is going to offer the fastest strongest relief.
  2. The vape cartridge totes many of the benefits, as far as treating symptoms, of Hemp Stix. While it does not have nearly the cannabinoid profile of hemp stix, the beauty of the vape cartridge is it allows someone who is getting drug tested or cannot use products with trace amounts of THC to use a product that has multiple cannabinoids in it…AKA a product not made from an isolate. When you make a side-by-side comparison of a cartridge made with isolate and a Gold Standard cartridge, it is obvious that the GS cartridge has a stronger effect. This is because it is made with distillate, and distillate is a broad spectrum.
  3. The honey stix is made with CBD isolate. When you inject CBD, it takes longer to take effect and lasts longer. Many people use honey stix as a sleep aid. It is also effective in treating longer-lasting pain. For someone unwilling to inhale CBD, this is a good delivery. Also, for someone wary about trying CBD for the first time or is getting drug tested and only trusts a product derived from isolate, this is a good product.
vape cart
vape cart

Vape Cart:

The thing that is unique about our vape carts is that they are broad-spectrum and THC-free. They are also the highest mg you can get without crystallization. All other vape cartridges on the market with the concentration is high as ours are made from an isolate. This is because any full-spectrum oil will have 1-2% THC in it, and that is unavoidable. All hemp has trace amounts of THC in it. When you extract, you multiple the chemical compounds present by 7-10 times. So if you start with hemp that is .3% THC, you get an extract that is 2% THC, which is then technically marijuana.

For companies using full spectrum to comply with federal law, they must water their oil down, so it is below .3% THC. The distillate we use is called “broad spectrum,” which means it has multiple cannabinoids. The more cannabinoids present, the more powerful the product. For this reason, our carts are the strongest on the market. Technically a distillate is not “full-spectrum,” but that is just a technicality and can be argued. To steer clear of the skeptics we call the distillate; we use a broad spectrum.

Hemp Stix:

There is a huge grey area in the law right now, which caused the hemp flower market so long to grow. Technically the federal law says cannabis with over.3% THC is marijuana. The hemp industry has found a loophole. Somewhere in the law, it specifies THC as only “delta 9” THC. This is interesting because another cannabinoid, “THC A,” is also THC but is not specifically mentioned in federal law. THC A is very prominent in cannabis flowers. In fact, if you test for total THC, it is nearly impossible to get a flower stripped of stem and leaf to test below .3% total THC.

For this reason, many states with hemp laws have specified that they only test for delta-nine THC. However, a few states have specified that they test for total THC. Also, some states have outlawed CBD entirely. This grey area caused most farmers to steer clear selling flowers across state lines; however, as more and more states have adopted hemp pilot programs, people have begun dipping their toes into the hemp flower market. In the last year, we have seen an explosion in the sale of hemp flowers, and so far, no one has been seriously prosecuted for it and received any heavy penalties. It’s still very grey.

All of the products on the market currently competing with hemp stix are a bit different from Hemp Stix. The main product that people compare hemp Stix with is a hemp “preroll.” Hemp prerolls are joints made from hemp flowers. They are cone-shaped, have a paper filter/crutch, and are filled exclusively with cannabis flowers. The reality is that any hemp preroll out there that is any good is only being tested for delta 9 THC. to have a hemp preroll test below .3% TOTAL THC, you must use a flower that still has lots of the natural leaf and stem.

This makes for an unpleasant smoking experience as the only part of the cannabis plant that is pleasant to smoke is the dried flower with the leaf and stem trimmed away from it. This is why in the marijuana industry, you will not find people smoking leaf or stems. This gives way to two different hemp prerolls, prerolls with over .3% total THC that are pleasant to smoke, and prerolls with less than .3% total THC that are not pleasant to smoke. Now that you have a better understanding of the hemp preroll market, let’s talk about hemp stix.

Hemp Stix is made from premium trimmed cannabis flower and a blend of tobacco alternative smoking herbs. Hemp Stix contains less than .3% total THC. The reason hemp stix taste so good and are so smooth is that there is no leaf or stem from the cannabis plant in them. We selected the herb blend we use because each of these herbs has its own unique medicinal and mystical properties.

Mullein has been used historically to treat respiratory ailments, mugwort is known to promote lucid dreaming, and Coltsfoot is a mild expectorant when used in small doses. The Herb blend we use to make them has been used to smoke for thousands of years by people worldwide. Premium trimmed flowers combined with a proven herb blend and a filter add up for a unique smoking experience.

Hemp Stix is injected into a tube that is identical in shape and size to a king-size cigarette. Hemp stix also has a foam filter just like a cigarette that actually filters the smoke making it less harsh, just like a cigarette. For this reason, Hemp Stix is not preroll. They are herbal hemp cigarettes. Why is hemp stix better than a cigarette? They are tobacco and nicotine-free; they are made with unrefined hemp paper and a biodegradable filter. They also contain approximately 75mg of CBD.

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