Google Bookmarks adds Lists as a new experimental feature!

For a long, there are no updates on the Google Bookmarks tool – even though it is an easy bookmarking tool many use it for personal. But what if I want to share the bookmarks with my friends or make the same as publicly available?

Google Bookmarks is now a Collaboration tool with Lists
Google Bookmarks is now a Collaboration tool with Lists

Yes, there are many popular bookmarking tools available over the web which does this job but somehow somewhere or the other I feel un-easy to use those tools with options like filtering, thumbnail, Tags, Categories, etc. But it is always hard to grab a particular bookmark via those popular tools and I hope this is the case with many users out there?

Google just updated their bookmarking tool with lot more features which I was thinking for long to have in a bookmarking system.

With new features like:

  1. Most Important updated Thumbnails (very easy to recognize a site)
  2. Category: Which they call it as LIST
  3. Tags as Labels (which was already there in the previous version)
  4. Sharing with Friends
  5. Sharing with Public
  6. Organizing the bookmarks within Category (Lists) with Organize Sections
  7. Location wise Bookmarks like a site might be from a particular country – this will be another cool option to grab a bookmark easily.
  8. And another additional feature added is Following a list, which actually reminds me of Twitter Lists :) – but got confused initially like I thought this is something related to Google Buzz Follow feature.
Welcome to Google Bookmarks with Lists

Tips for using Google Bookmarks Lists

I think now Google should prepare a Life-stream tool where one can see all the updates on his/her accounts? – Yeh I am not talking about the Google Dashboard though.

Earlier Google has added Stars in search so that one can easily mark and rediscover favorite websites while searching for any topics to get better results exclusively for you for the next time you search for the same topic. In the same route, Google added the Lists feature in Google Bookmarks as an experimental feature that helps you easily share the sites with your friends. Now one can collaborate the Lists by sharing it with friends on common interests or activities or topics etc.

Not only that, Lists has got a feature for you to discover new web content. For example, if you have shared a particular list with your friends, your friend can contribute useful links and resources like related Videos, Images, more useful sites, etc. with Add Stuff > Content Picker.

Since the new feature Lists have been added into Google Bookmarks, Google wants your feedback to improve the tool further.

Here are a couple of my Suggestions to improve Google Bookmarks further for more flexibility:

  1. In the “Google Bookmark” bookmarklet, can we have an option to choose a List?
  2. Adding Lists to Google Profile Pages, as another tab in profile page like we have Buzz now?
  3. Customized or Tiny or Short Url for Public Shared Lists?
  4. Can we add bookmarks via Buzz with the Links section?
  5. Integrating Bookmarks in Gmail?

So what do you think about this List based approach in Google Bookmark?

Why not share your thoughts and help Google to improve Google Bookmarks further?

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