Google Fiber moves on to providing Wireless Internet!

In the news, the new move by Google is launching Google Fiber, Google’s own internet service provider. But Google is taking it up a notch and introducing wireless internet in certain parts of the globe.

Google Fiber - Google Radio & Wireless Network?
Google Fiber – Google Radio & Wireless Network?

This new project aims to provide superior quality internet to people in more rural areas, such as Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. This wireless internet venture is quite the hot topic in the tech grapevine; few larger cities will also be equipped with Google’s wireless internet service, apparently, primarily those already have Google Fiber.

The process of installation of all necessary equipment seems to be on the full movie. Google is currently working with local telecommunication companies to make arrangements for their new system, but no official word on any partnerships has been made. The company is being very quiet about this endeavor, and sources are slowly revealing inside information on the wireless project by the giant company.

Google Radio & Wireless Network?

Known for their monopoly on the internet as the most significant search engine, will Google be taking over the entire world with the superior quality internet too? Are you waiting for Google Fiber to come to your country and reveal all its glory?

Content source: GeekyGadgets

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