Google Inc. Vs Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. Vs Google Inc. - iOS Vs Android

There is a battle going on, and we’re all familiar with it. Android users secretly despise iPhone users and vice versa. Everyone prides themselves by their choice of phones. And this for the two businesses is not a friendly fight; it’s a business fight, a fight to be the more successful mobile software service provider, this is what now is being called the “defining fight” of the industry.

Google’s Android mobile operating system caters to millions all over the world and is now the world’s leading platform for smartphones. This makes it a direct threat to the Apple iPhone and iPad businesses.

While both have their own dedicated, loyal customers who won’t budge; the trend is changing with more mobile companies entering the market and taking on the android operating system, making the software more available to a variety of people, and hence bringing it to the top.

The truth is that Google and Apple were once close partners in their endeavors, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google Inc. was working with Apple as a part of his tenure as Google CEO.

These friendly relations have since changed, due to Google’s rise to fame with the Andriod operating system hitting the market and grabbing most of it. “We’ve not seen … competitive fights on this scale,” Said Schmidt regarding the competitive war between the two companies in an interview.

Eric Schmidt - Google CEO
Eric Schmidt – Google CEO

Apple’s failed attempt into the world of mapping was a disaster business move, sometimes you just need to leave it to the pros. Damages like these can cause a great disturbance to any companies goodwill and effects sales drastically. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook was forced to issue a public apology for their failed attempt at developing a good mapping system.

Schmidt said; “What Apple has learned is that maps are really hard,” He went on to add how much work it takes for Google to really satisfy their customers, “We invested hundreds of millions of dollars in satellite work, airplane work, drive-by work, to get the maps accurate.” He was well-spoken by adding that the two rival companies are “always in communication with each other.”

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In the same interview with tech blog, AllThingsDigital at New York, the chairman of Google addressed the 2010 issue with China’s government, in lieu of the web censorship and cyber-attacks that Google claims originated from China.

While Google is the dominant web search engine all across the world, he claimed that it will take time for Google to find the same place in China, “Baidu will continue to be the Number One player in China for a long time,” He said.

Baidu Search Engine - China
Baidu Search Engine – China, Inc. is a Chinese search engine that is dominant in China and other places where Google is not in the lead. He also added that; “China has in its power to arbitrarily restrict our access to Chinese citizens to keep us at whatever percentage market share they wish,”. Schmidt is not expecting any reconciliation of ties with the government of China anytime soon.

While two major technology tycoons battle it off, the customers enjoy very high-quality services from both. There are hits and there are misses, which is all part of the business game anyway. As the battle heats up, for being in the lead, we get to enjoy better service, better apps, and a lot of good quality mobile and computing devices and software.

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