Google Phone Search now in Mumbai and Bangalore

Google Phone Search
Google Phone Search

As you all aware of Google Phone Search was successfully launched in Hyderabad and Delhi in India and was a huge success & widely used. Now this service is available to you all in Mumbai and Bangalore.

This Google Phone Search service is completely free of charge, bringing you the information you need within no time and right when you need it the most. It can be reached from any phone number, landline or mobile in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Dial from any phone 1-800-41-999-999 (toll free)

I use this service effectively to find the best restaurants or shopping in a particular area etc. Not only these, mostly if you are in a new place and don’t know what is where etc, then this service is really useful to find the right and best services near by you – just think if you need good hospital in any emergency – this service can help you to find the best hospital within no time. This is seriously a good service gifted by Google.

Google Phone Search is a new pilot service making local business information, movie times and real time flight status accessible from any phone.

And the main interesting is – this service is available in local languages Hindi, Telugu and English. As this service is still in pilot stage Google will extend this service in other available local languages.

Google Phone Search service uses a combination of advanced speech recognition technology and local experts – ensuring that you always find the best answers to your questions in the fastest way possible, its just to give you the right and best information you need quickly and effectively.

Enjoy Googling via phone, mobile, cell :)

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