Google Promotes Ra.One or G.One Promotes Google+?

Till now we have seen Shahrukh Khan endorse shampoos, furniture cars and soft drinks! Now we will see our favorite star promote the new version of Google. Just recently head of Google India, Mr Rajan Anandan announced in a press conference that the King of Bollywood has agreed to join hands with Google.

Ra.One Comes Together With Google Inc.
Ra.One Comes Together With Google Inc.

As Shahrukh likes and so do we to see him on the first position, he wasted no time in being the first Indian celeb to join Google Plus.  If news is to be believed the Google team has come to an agreement with the actor that they will promote his upcoming film Ra.One as we can already see in return for a chat with fans that Shahrukh is going to participate in using the Hangout feature that Google+ provides.

With this Google has tied itself into an unbreakable bond with the Hindi film industry where most of the people think YouTube is a wonderful and unmatched platform for film promotion considering its growing popularity among users. As part of promotion Google will have various social games and digital comics of Khan’s Ra.One. When asked about the association both Shahrukh and the team of Google were all praises for each other. Here’s what SRK said “YouTube is an incredibly powerful platform to engage fans across the globe and is integral to all blockbuster movie promotions in Hollywood. For Ra.One, I wanted to leverage the full potential of digital media and create an experience on YouTube and Google+ that has never been done for any Indian film. I am very excited about the project and am personally working with the Google team to create a destination that my fans can enjoy from anywhere in the world.”

Catch SRK in action. Live and Exclusive on YouTube:

Google seemed equally happy to have Shahrukh promote their improved version. Rajan Anandan expressed the same in his words. He said “We are very pleased to associate with Shahrukh Khan to create a unique and customized destination for Ra.One on YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG). In the last few years, Indian production houses have begun to embrace the YouTube platform to engage fans, distribute movies and leverage rich media ad formats to promote their movies online. Bollywood is now an integral part of the YouTube experience and reaches over 22 million unique users in India. With this channel we want to demonstrate how YouTube can be used creatively to connect with the highly engaged YouTube community in India and across the world.”

You might want to ask how far will this work…. But I will say that having SRK to promote it Google has left no stone unturned to attract the common man because Shahrukh Khan is not just a name but a brand in itself. And if you as Shahrukh he might just change the line from Don a little and say

“Shahrukh ko rokna mushkil hee nahi namumkin hai…”

Source: Google India Ropes In A Bollywood Superstar To Promote Google+

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