Google Steps up the Music game with agreement from Warner

Google is more than glad to announce that the Warner Music Group has agreed start making sales of their catalog of songs through Google Play.

Google had been struggling for years with getting partnerships from four major Music companies. And now finally it has happened. The Google Music store is obviously catering to the android lovers, and is in competition with the Apple iTunes (which is not available for Android supported operating systems).

Google Play steps in to give a hard time to competitors
Google Play steps in to give a hard time to competitors

With the new Google Music Play store, users can upload, purchase music and listen to their play list. This is enabled and synchronized by Amazons Cloud Player, which is no doubt the superior choice for Android users.

The Google Music Store for Android Demo:

The Android and Google lovers will now be able to access and enjoy music more freely. Google has also announced that it will proceed with movie sales in Canada, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia on November 13th. Also on the same date music sales will be available to UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain users.

There is no stopping in the world of apps and play store developments, users are keeping their eyes open for the latest. It is almostĀ  like a gamble, to hit refresh buttons on blogs of Google, and Apple to get inside scoop on their next move. For many this is like a game to watch, competition this cut throat is being found only in the smartphone industry.

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