Google updates Gesture search, available for 40 languages now

Google Gesture Search App

Google updated its Gesture Search App on the 12th of June 2013. And now, the App will be supporting over 40 languages for the convenience of its customers.

Gesture Search is an app that lets users use their handwriting and gestures to search their Android phone or tablet instead of relying on an on-screen keyboard. One of the most exciting features is that of transliteration.

But since the update, the App will support over 40 languages; hence you can draw a number or letter to access contacts, settings, music, etc., by just a simple swiping motion of your finger on the screen.

Google Gesture Search Android App Review

The Gesture Search app was a Google Lab project back in 2010 and has received several upgrades since. This App is excellent for those who don’t want to stick to their keyboard for survival, and primarily since the App now supports over 40 languages, there’s no excuse for not downloading it. It is a great search tool since it’s quieter than the voice and more straightforward due to the swiping.

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