Google Voice.. another giant step in communication?

Google plans to launch Google Voice, an application to simplify communication in the coming days. This service would be initially available for GrandCentral users, a company that Google acquired, and then would be slowly opened up for others.

This application is a move towards strengthening its presence in the communication sphere. With Google Wave also waiting in the wings, the two applications would seek to increase Google’s foothold on the communication and collaborative space respectively.

Google Voice is an innovative offering whereby a number would be provided where a user could be contacted. This number could be linked to the user’s office, home, or cell phone depending on the user’s preference.

Also, calls could be directed to users of Google VoiceMail. These being the basics of this application, there are several additional features that Google is looking to provide.

Google with Voice would be looking to expand its reach among the Small and Medium Businesses (with a small headcount) who run their businesses on Google Apps and other free applications.

Google voice brings to the fore another highlight which is an acquisition spree of Google. All efforts could be said to be directed to expand their footprint in the communication and collaborative space which till now exist as two separate spheres.

A glimpse of the same can be had at the following link where the features are explained with videos.

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