GrubTonight app makes sure you don’t eat alone!

It’s the middle of the week, you’re hungry and want to eat out. Sounds fine until you realize you have no one to go out with you, this is where a fun unique app called GrubTonight steps in and saves your supper!

Grub Tonight - Meet More People
Grub Tonight – Meet More People

This is an app designed especially for those who have no company to hang out with and have a meal. Eddy Lu, CEO, and co-founder of Grubwithus Inc. explains “We wanted to build a real-time spontaneous app where any night of the week you could go out and eat, because you need to eat anyway, and also have a social outing,” Well this app saves a lot of us from boredom and well pathetic meals alone.

The app works in a simple manner, it alerts you of the GrubTonight meals in your area. There are three prix-fixe group dinners available every night, Bookings for the meals for about $20, are made through the app. And the actual meal includes a shared appetizer, entree, and a drink. This is a fab way to meet new people too, almost like the crazy networking websites we are addicted to.

GrubTonight App helps meeting new people too!

GrubTonight extends beyond lonely dinners to organizing your own public or private group dinners via the app. Lu explains; “When you want to create an event you just select one of our partner restaurants and the menu is already taken care of,” He adds that this app is a great way to interact with people you would have never even met, and their major users are between ages 20 to 35.

This particular app is available only in Los Angeles for now, but Grubwithus is an app that works in more than 50 cities worldwide. Now we can all feel comfortable about our weekday outings, and not worry about who to have a conversation with.

Information source: HuffingtonPost – Grubtonight App

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