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Writing for WittySparks:

WittySparks is a platform that shares knowledge, fun-filled ideas, trends, guidelines, reviews, and solutions on diverse topics, and providing information to people around the world. Our readers value high-quality and well-researched content, which we produce with a decade of experience in blogging.

We have a vast amount of audience covering several continents, and our major percentage of readers are from the United States. We offer opportunities to guest bloggers and contributors, to publish their articles on our website.

Below are our readers’ metrics taken from Google Analytics 2018.

WittySparks Audience Overview, by Country, 2018

By CountryPercentage
United States47%
United Kingdom20%

WittySparks Audience Overview, by Top Traffic Sources, 2018

Top Traffic SourcesPercentage
Organic Search41%

WittySparks Audience Overview, by Gender, 2018


WittySparks Audience Overview, by Age Group, 2018

Age GroupPercentage

What’s in it for you as an Author/Writer?

  • Authors/writers can maximize their reach to a fresh batch of audience
  • You can attain some additional organic traffic, which helps to improve your business
  • You can benefit from networking, building relationships, collaborating, and increasing your reach, with other niche influencers.
  • You can improve your business’ web presence and brand awareness.
  • Lastly, you will create a written memoir, or a record of your writings, for your future references.

Terms and Conditions for Guest Blogging:

  • Author Bio: We do create author bio and display on the website, exclusively for those who write regularly.
  • Words: Every article must contain a minimum of 1000 words to be applicable for publishing.
  • Titles: At least 4 main alternative titles should be included in the article.
  • Tags: Tag appropriate content to be considered for metadata is advisable.
  • SEO: Never neglect SEO, the article should be well framed with easy-to-read and well-structured content.
  • Sub-titles: Ensure to have at least 4 to 5 relevant sub-headings to support long paragraphs, as they help the reader to scan through the article quickly.
  • Short Description/Excerpt: A custom short description contains a table of content of topics covered in the article. This would help readers to scan through the article quickly before they go into detailed reading.
  • Paragraphs: Ensure the paragraphs contain short and easy-to-read sentences.
  • Quote: References are important. Therefore, have at least one relevant original or cited the quote.
  • Original: Ensure the article is well researched, useful, informative, high quality, and free from plagiarism. Generic and easily-found articles will not be published.
  • Formatting: Ensure the article is well-edited and formatted and free from typos and other errors.
  • Categories: The article should fall under the following topics: Technology, Business, Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Fashion, Sports, Soft Skills, and Travel.
  • Credit: If the content is taken from certain sources/websites, Ensure to always provide links of the credible sources.
  • Media: Ensure to include, relevant images, infographics, videos, etc.
    • Also, images, infographics, screenshots, and presentations should contain original attribution wherever required.
    • Additionally, ensure to place the images inline in your post for placement reference and also share the images as a separate file attachment to an email.
  • Links:
    • Place at least one internal link from WittySparks.
    • Promotional links, material, or article intended to promote products or services directly or indirectly are not allowed.
    • Other credible source links will always be nofollow.
    • One backlink to your business is allowed and is placed in author bio on an icon as nofollow link.
  • Rights: By submitting posts/articles for publishing on WittySparks, you give us complete rights over the post/article.
  • Comments: Ensure to respond to comments on your own article, to connect with your readers and give them a real human-interactive feeling.
  • Bio: Don’t forget to share
    • Author Name
    • Author Email ID
    • Author Description
    • Author Photo: Make sure you have https://en.gravatar.com/ account, photo from Gravatar account is automatically displayed in our Author bio.
    • Share links of Social Media so that we can place them on the author bio

For queries, or to send your write-ups, reach out to us at:


Kindly use the email Subject:
Guest Post Request for WittySparks;

and Body of the email should contain:

  • Your info / Introduce yourself
  • Previous write-ups to check the quality of writing
  • Topics you are interested to contribute

Is your post reviewed, accepted, and published?

  • Ensure to spread the published article across your personal and business social media platforms.

Looking forward to collaborating with you soon.
Happy Blogging :) :)

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