Halloween – A Costly Affair!

Halloween!!! The most celebrated holiday in the United States of America. It is fascinating to see all the people depicting a  fantasized character with their costume and make up. It is that time of the year when even the adults forget their age and chill out with kids. But have you ever given a thought to the amount of money an average American spends each year on this lavish holiday?

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Lets explore the details of Halloween.  Each year the Americans visit pop up stores that are set up in every corner of the United States for preparations of Halloween. These make enormous profits within a span of 2 months by luring the customers with attractive costumes, decoration items, cadies and carved pumpkins.  The amount spent on these things is reach the sky with passing years.

According to an estimate 43.9% of the Americans plan to wear a costume, 34.3 % of them decide to throw a party and attend one, 49.5% buy items to decorate their homes or yards, 73.5% of them prefer to hand out candies to their guests, 47.8% get engaged in carving pumpkins and 32.9% take their kids out for a treat or to show them amazing tricks. These are the people who contribute to the profit of the pop up store every year. The pop up store knowing very well the craze of the people for Halloween hike up the prices of these items and make it more of a business than a holiday. This year has shown a rapid increase in Halloween sales in spite of having 87.1% of people who say they would like to spend less overall, 18.9% who wish to make their own costumes, 16.6% who decide to reuse last year’s costume and 42.2% who cut down on candy. Looking at this the number of pop up stores  increased 8% per year since 2005 but in the year 2010 the number was shooting up to 15%.

Talking about the pop up stores there are few popular ones that attract consumers each year. Halloween City is one of the oldest and most popular stores that makes a lot of profit from the millions of fans of Halloween. Next is the Halloween Adventure that comes up with innovative ideas every time. Spirit is another leading Halloween retailer that has more than 900 locations. Not to forget Halloween Express which offers largest selection of Halloween merchandise in the US.  Most of the Halloween pop up stores have been there for more than three decades minting money from crazy Halloween fans.

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  1. In the festival of Halloween everyone have been celebrate with each other.There is Not age bar to celebrate a function of Halloween.

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