Hamburger mini Portable speaker yay or nay?

The essence of great electronics is the portability factor. And having great speakers to your audio equipment is a must. X-mini Hamburger mini Portable speaker will satisfy this need with the speaker that’s small enough for you to hide it in your fist!

X-mini - Sound Beyond Size - Hamburger Mini Portable Speaker
X-mini – Sound Beyond Size – Hamburger Mini Portable Speaker

This mini speaker has 3.5mm audio out jack, and connects to your iPod, PSP, NDS, MP4 player, Notebook, Laptop etc. The little gizmo is great for sharing music with people around you without having to carry a big speaker or the like. It has a USB power input, Internal lithium battery, High fidelity loudspeaker and Big bass. The quality of sound is fairly good, and the product itself is very easy to connect and use. Weighing only 109gms with dimensions of 12*11*4.5 cm it’s a definitely fun little product to own.

The speaker specifications include a loudspeaker output is of 2.4W, frequency Response: 100hz to 20Khz and Play Time of 4 to 6 hours with full charge etc. The product can be on charging and in use at the same time as well, guaranteeing non-stop usage. The battery reaches it’s full charge in 2.5 hours if you plug it into an AC adapter.

Hamburger Mini Speaker Review:

This a super cheap product in terms of pricing, it retails at $12 on Amazon. Now while this may seem like a great bargain for a great product the reviews may shake that opinion; to each his own in the matter of electronics, it’s not just about the use of the product the price point is also very crucial for many, however if you’re a quality buff you may want to rethink. The product takes a bit of patience to handle the tiny controller which enables volume modulation, and change of song. The catch has mainly been the inbuilt MP3 player which can play your own playlist off the mini SD.

So it all basically boils down to the price or the quality. It’s a rather personal preference, this can be a great product for young college students on a budget looking for music fun.

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