Have you created a Google Public Profile yet?

Now Google started scrolling public profiles in search.

Google is now allowing us to make our own profile page, this service sounds similar to most popular LinkedIn and the same can be set it to public, which will be scrolled in search engine. You can check my profile here.

Google Public Profile
Google Public Profile

Create yours via Google Public Profile.

Once your profile is created and made public you can search the same by using Google Profile Search.

A couple of questions comes in my mind by seeing this Public Profile feature:

  • Will this be an Official profile page like LinkedIn of each individual in this world?
  • Will they launch a Google Job Site? as they have got fields like Current Company, School, Job etc.
  • Can this be a personal web page of each individual in near future with complete widget or gadget support?

A couple of days back I have an idea of creating a site where people can create professional profiles, each user will get one web page, where they have data of their professional life, even the students can have their own profile, can say their education background etc. which will be useful for their entire life.

Let me know your thoughts about this Google Public Profile?

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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