Here is our new WittySparks CSS Framework

WittySparks CSS Framework

Being a Web Developer, Designer, and User Interface expert, I always strive for a simple solution for every problem I face in applications. I hope you all know that designing simple and complicated forms is not that easy and requires prior planning and some paperwork to go ahead with the application. Implementation of the same is another tough task, to say the least!

I always see developers designing the forms by using a tabular structure with quite complicated auto-generated code as they use some frameworks which are freely available. I agree with using professional frameworks available in the market, which saves developers time and effort.

But when it comes to the quality or performance of the application, well that is where I always get stuck up with as most of the developers are not happy with the quite complicated code generated by the ready-made frameworks. Do you agree?

Yes, I agree and I am one to take care of the performance of the applications I design and develop. I make sure I use limited HTML elements to develop a simple or complicated form. In this attempt, I have a considerable amount of experience in developing complicated forms by using fewer HTML elements, or can say I avoid complicated cluttered code.

To illustrate the same, I thought of releasing my first WittySparks CSS Framework, and here is the result of it. As this is just a start I need even fellow developers to help to make it more usable for everyone. My approach is simple – I just want to have templates that can be reused by the developers by making some standards in their applications. So here are my first two examples,

1. Simple CSS Form
2. Complicated CSS Form (2 or 3 columns – you define)

Feel free to download, improve, and share with me at admin {at the rate}

Let’s hope the best, right now working on the standards for the framework – soon will release the proper version of the same – just need all your support and if this approach is gonna be good – I will soon release a WittySparks Javascript Framework :)

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