High-tech Devices to Turn Your Living Room into the Best Room in the House

Are you looking to impress your guests this holiday season and beyond? The first step is entertainment, and it’s the most important step. If you’re lacking in entertainment setup, your guests are going to try and leave early.

The biggest games in the NFL season are approaching, and there’s a lot of high definition holiday movies to enjoy. You’re going to need to go big to revolutionize your living room, and ensure your holidays are high-tech and highly enjoyable.

Your High-Tech Entertainment Center

Do you have an HD television? You probably do, but if not, consider a 4K television. 4K prices are down, and Time reports that even the cheap ones have excellent picture quality. If you’ve already got a flat panel HD television in a decent size (48 inches or larger), you’re all set in this department.

Here’s a tip: if there’s more than one or two remotes in your living room, you need to simplify. Take stock of your remote controls because a high-tech living room doesn’t have multiple remotes. It’s operated by one or two remotes, and those remotes are capable of controlling everything from your cable to your thermostat.

What’s the point in owning a super awesome remote control capable of controlling everything if you can’t use it to watch more than 200 channels? Both Internet and cable are required to impress guests; so there’s really no reason not to have both. If you’re concerned about pricing, Direct TV Internet options can be bundled with a qualifying cable package for massive savings, and awesome high-definition content.

Music Adds a Nice Touch

It’s the holidays; you could listen to Christmas music or you can listen to something else. The point is, a high-tech living room has options for listening to music in 21st century style. A surround sound system can be connected to both your television and a music source, such as a digital music system or a Prizm.

A Prizm is a smart device that learns what type of music you like, and plays it at just the right time. For example, if you make a habit of listening to classical music at lunch time, it’s going to remember this and play that for you. It’s easy to calibrate, and it searches the Internet for radio stations that play your vibe.

Go Smart or Go Home

These days bigger isn’t necessarily better. Back in the day, a large stereo system was probably better than a small one. The same isn’t true today when the best devices often come in small packages, and the greatest devices of all are nearly invisible. An automated home is an example of this.

You can save yourself a fortune by automating your home yourself. Instructables has an excellent tutorial for setting up smart home automation using Android. The best thing about having a smart home is the money it can save you. Sure, you’ll impress your friends and family, but the ability to automate your lighting and heating is going to save you lots of money in terms of your electric bill.

There are literally thousands of cool devices you can include in a high-tech living room. These are only the basics. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll definitely have an awesome, buzz-worthy living room. Keep adding technology, such as an Amazon Echo device or a next-generation gaming console, for added awesomeness.

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