How can you benefit your business from twitter’s new upcoming strategies?

Benefits of Twitter's new updates for your Business

Most of them might be knowing that Twitter is in the market before smartphones were introduced to the world. Thus, they made this strategy to keep the word limit of 140 characters in the post as they saw it would perfectly fit the mobile screens of phones at that time.

But the world has evolved since then and is booming daily in the Smartphone Industry, now everything has changed and so maybe it’s late but as it is said “Better late than Never”, Twitter is finally going to change its strategy of 140 character rule. On 24th May 2016 Twitter announced this news.

The limit is still the same but still, but you can do much more with it now. What I am going to write further is how you can use these changes to make it more beneficial to your Marketing Strategy and how to promote your content in a better way on Twitter.

Username Benefits:

Now you can send replies to as many users as you want to, all those usernames won’t be counted in the word limit. So now you can pass a message to some specific people and keep the message unharmed and you won’t even need to copy it again to send it to other users.

If you wish to point out something to your team or the specific department in your business which you found interesting or you need their attention in short, you can tag all of them at once and have a single conversation thread.

You won’t need multiple threads and won’t even have a need to become a bridge in two threads. To start a clean conversation with your team without affecting the content and also having everyone under one umbrella.

Video and Gif Promotion:

Now the main problem of doing promotions on Twitter is also simplified. You can add as many links and gifs as you want, it won’t be a part of your text. Earlier it was pretty difficult to convey a clear message with a link to your target audience as the link will cover a minimum of 27 characters even after Twitter automatically shortens it.

And if you had two links to connect it was impossible to convey a message with it. Now you can add as many links and do an easy video promotion of your brand.

The benefit of Retention of Brand:

Currently, you cannot retweet your own tweets which was a drawback many users faced. But now as Twitter will enable that feature you can easily retain or help your users recall your brand in your users’ minds by simply retweeting some past successful campaigns.

This is one of the major benefits for Marketers to keep the Brand retained in their Target Audiences’ minds. Even you can have that old impression revived in the mind of your users and attract new ones who didn’t notice it for the first time.

Benefits of Promoting Testimonials as well as Positive Word Of Mouth:

Their new amends in broadcasting your tweets to all your users at once is also very much useful to marketers. At first, you needed to add “@” to your tweets to broadcast them, but now you can simply add your username and it will be broadcasted to all your users.

The other useful feature is if you think that a reply from your user on your tweet can help you create positive Word Of Mouth then all you need to do is retweet that Reply and it will be broadcasted with an update to all your users.

Thus, it can help you start a chain of positive actions by the users and help the brand to improve its image. Even if a user has posted something to your personal profile and you need all your users to know just Retweet it to your company page and all your users will know.

Thus, as it was always a challenge for marketers to promote a brand on Twitter, now you can easily promote videos, photos, documents, and replies without affecting the main body limit of 140 words.

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