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In this competitive world you are either the best or you are nothing at all. In such a situation it is important for you to know your exact position in the race. If we talk of brands it becomes very important for them to know not only their own position but also of those competing with them. Launches With New Pinterest Analytics Tool Launches With New Pinterest Analytics Tool

Keeping this in mind Manchester based technology company has come up with a social media called, which allows retailers to see the popularity of their brand as well as you can get stats on how that brand is doing compared to others. This tells them whether their marketing strategies are good enough or need modification.

As you all aware that most of the brands are doing good in, which is a best social space for brands. is specially for Pinterest which will enable fashion brands to track sales through Pinterest, identify key influencers and evaluate marketing campaigns on this rapidly-emerging social media channel. Retail brands can also monitor and follow the popularity of their competitors’ products.

Brands can monitor their success so closely that they can follow the customer from the time he pins the product to the time he buys it. Now that’s something we never had before and it definitely needs appreciation. The software has been aptly named looking at the unique service it gives to its users. This social media launched just this year has a gone a long way in a short period of time. On this occasion let us take a look at what the Managing Director Avin Wong has to say

“The growth in the popularity of Pinterest has come as quite a surprise to retailers, many of which haven’t quite figured out how best to use the platform or integrate it into their overall sales and marketing strategy.

We wanted to create an analysis tool that was simple for retailers to use but produced a level of insightful data that has previously been unseen in a social media monitoring tool. This unique set of information can easily be incorporated into marketing analysis and be used for future campaign planning as well.”

You may want to know why when we have so many social networking sites out there. A report from SteelHouse claims that the users of this Pinterest social media are 79% more likely to buy products than otherwise. The popularity of a brand or a product is decided on the basis of the number of pins, re pins, likes and comments. This means the more pins, likes or comments a product gets the more popular it is with consumers. While this remains so people searching for a product can see only the last 300 pins to that product. I think Avin Wong has created an interesting way of competing in the world market. What say?

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