How much would you pay for Wi-Fi 30,000ft in air?

So the fact is universally accepted, we are our internet. And without the support of Wi-Fi we just are incomplete with all the tasks of the day. You can be a stay-at-home-mom or a business man or student, but you know very well that when in a flight you simply don’t have the much needed Wi-Fi.

So how much would you pay for Wi-Fi 30,000ft in air?
So how much would you pay for Wi-Fi 30,000ft in air?

Well as of now, about twenty-five percent of all US flights provide their customers with Wi-Fi. And another 12 percent are currently in the testing process. This is definitely an expensive venture. Providing customers with Wi-Fi that is equal to – or even better than – the connection most of them experience in their own homes. However, the need for it can’t be ignored.This new method of providing in-flight Wi-Fi service works by allowing better contact between the plane and the ground. This will allow internet service providers to share airwaves with the satellite communication companies. This idea has been voted unanimously, however the expenses involved and the actual idea becoming a reality may take a couple of years.

The main issue will be cost for sure, a service like this will be expensive fro the fliers.The Federal Communication Commission have not mentioned how much they plan to sell the licenses for and are still unsure about how many they plan to sell. Lets face it in the end of it all, users should want to also pay for a service like this, money is an issue for many especially considering the economy.

So how much would you pay for Wi-Fi in air? Is it something you are most desperately waiting for?

Image and Information Source: GeekyGadgets

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