How to save songs as a playlist on Nokia Lumia 925 Windows phone

Recently, while trying to group songs into a playlist on Nokia Windows 925 phone, I realized the gap in usability or ease of use between an android and Windows phone! Having been used to an android based phone earlier, saving a song was as easy as pressing the song on the screen and saving it to a playlist.

But this encounter with Windows based phone took me back in time where things were a little less simple or user friendly I must say! :)

For a music lover with hundred or more songs in the phone from disparate sources, albums, Nokia Music subscription etc. saving them to a playlist could come across as a challenge on Nokia Lumia Windows phone.

So, here are a few steps which might reduce the efforts and help save songs which are already grouped, (by artist name for instance).

Steps to creating Playlist

  1. Go to Music-> artists. Select the artist and play any song of the artist. (You could try this using albums or songs as well)
  2. Press back button (<-) at the bottom of the phone and go back to the next artist or song which you want to add.
  3. Hold to the song, and a drop down appears with
    1. Add to now playing
    2. Share
    3. Delete
  4. Press ‘Add to now playing’. Repeat the steps for all the artists / albums/ songs you want to be included to the playlist by ‘add them to now playing’
  5. After putting together all the songs together, go back to the ‘Music’ window, where a tile with the current playing songs can be seen
  6. Click on the current song playing, this will open the song’s screen
  7. At the bottom right corner, you will observe three dots (…)
  8. Click on it and you will find the option ‘save as a playlist’. Click on it and give a name to the playlist you want to save the collection. Your playlist is ready.
  9. To view the playlist, go to ‘Music’ icon and click on it. Scroll the screen sideways, and you will find the option Playlist after ‘songs’. Your saved playlist would appear there.

This is just one of the ways to save songs on Windows as a playlist and there could be several others ways. Hope the above steps help you create playlists and let you enjoy your music :) !

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  1. This is very useful tip for me – was actually fighting to know how I can add songs to my own playlist – this is great – thanks Kartik

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