HP Spectre – The World’s Thinnest Laptop For You

HP – the believer of reinvention, has stepped-up the game for sleek and sassy laptops by stealing the show with it’s all new HP Spectre.

“The world’s thinnest laptop” as HP calls it, has a 13-inch full HD (1,920 x 10,180) non-touch display, and a colour scheme that personifies the word ‘elegance’. Bidding goodbye to all-timer shades such as the boring black, general grey and super-used silver; it brings together bold & beautiful bronze along with a new smoky grey to render sheer sophistication!

The World’s Thinnest Laptop – HP Spectre:

HP innovatively adds life to the often most neglected part of a laptop, the hinges! It shapes and places the hinges into such a stunningly simple design, that blends perfectly to makes the HP Spectre seem almost hingleless. What’s more? The hinges share the same metal and shade as the laptop’s lid, a copper-coloured aluminium that perfectly contrasts with the grey, carbon fibre, bottom panel. This premium laptop from HP has been crafted with an overall design and appearance that will leave you awe-struck.

How thin is the ‘world’s thinnest laptop’?

The all new HP Spectre is rightly “flatter than flat” with a width of 10.4mm (becoming the new ‘size zero’ amongst laptops). The overall weight of the laptop is merely 1.1kg and it strives to deliver an “exceptional experience” through features such as the illuminated keyboard, glass trackpad, also the durable and scratch resistant edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass display (doubling the delight of watching movies, photos and browsing).

HP introduces a new cool!

Keeping it flat, yet flawless, HP allows no compromise on performance. By thinking out-of-the-box, HP has incorporated a new cooling technology that tosses-over traditional cooling systems used in laptops. Using “hyperbaric cooling” the HP Spectre draws cool air inwards and directs it over the processor!

The laptop HP says will beat Apple:

For a laptop that is no thicker than a AAA size battery, the HP Spectre is backed by a unique four polymer battery cells design. However, in order to make better use of the available flat space, the battery has been split into smaller, thinner pieces (cells). This sophisticated notebook is sure skinny, but not remotely weak, as it renders nine and half hours of battery life.

The HP Spectre can be configured with Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processor, along with an 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD and Windows 10. Also, it is equipped with three multi-use USB Type-C ports, two of which offer Thunderbolt™ data transfer. With top-of-the-game audio, display and operational features, this beauty replaces the 12-inch MacBook, as a new benchmark for notebooks of the lean league.

Unboxing HP Spectre:

While the true inspiration behind the creation of this ultra-sleek & sassy beauty remains unknown it sure seems to be a flaunt-worthy performer. It is simply a piece of art that redefines the standards and expectations of notebook users.

The luxurious HP Spectre has been priced $1169 onwards and is set to be released in India towards the end of June 2016.

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