HyperJuice Plug saves our battery less days!

There is nothing worse than having run out of battery and not being able to charge your device. After all everything we do from dusk till dawn rests on our well organized apps in our phones and smart devices. So when we’re out of battery, HyperJuice Plug 10 comes to save our otherwise traumatic day. The HyperJuice Plug is an outrageously awesome device that, being a rechargeable brick of a battery it looks chic and works just as well, it is available in an array of colors.

HyperJuice Plug Advanced Battery for Apple iPad and iPhone
HyperJuice Plug Advanced Battery for Apple iPad and iPhone

The product is capable of charging all your USB powered devices. HyperMac, the creators of the product claim that the device can charge iPhones up to seven full times on a single charge. The product has twin USB ports which are capable of charging two iPads at the same time. Now that’s a great product.

iWorld 2012: HyperJuice Plug

The device is great appearance but is heavy, the exterior is of brushed aluminum which makes sure that the device doesn’t heat up and is painful to handle after or during charging. This brick battery is easy to travel with and recharges itself via a retractable wall plug, Appropriately placed Blue LED lights show an approximate indication of the current charge level, when tested they seemed to be pretty accurate.

Weight of the product has been the only issue so far, especially if your lifestyle demands you to carry it around and when it’s getting charged on the wall. But that will be just a small price to pay for serving a purpose so crucial to our gadget driven lives.

You can buy HyperJuice Plug from the official site at HyperShop

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