I Impact India lends a helping hand to Uttarakhand!

There are very few people who get the good thought of helping the needy in whatever way they can and there are fewer people who materialise these thoughts. Among these few kind hearted people are the founders of I Impact India, Mr Onkar Kullar, Mr Adit Grover and  Mr Parmeet Singh Sethi  who made a wonderful effort through their NGO to help the disaster stricken Uttarakhand.

I Impact India for Uttarakhand
I Impact India for Uttarakhand

Let’s find out what they did and how it worked out. They chose the last weekend of June to organize a fundraising walk from 11am to 9pm. People poured in and there was an impressive attendance on the 29th and 30th of June.

Their effort to give relief to the effected people was not limited to this. They had talented and budding artists participate in the fest and the result was breath taking. An enthusiastic crowd came in to buy as many as 20 of these paintings. There were also a good number of donations taking place during this weekend.  People were seen donating and registering to help which was enough to support the lives of as many as 1000 people affected by the flood in Uttarakhand. When common man was doing so much how could the famous personalities be left behind? Andrew Hoffland popularly known as Uncle Andy who is a famous theater artist not only came forward to do his bit but also encouraged his friends to contribute. That’s a lovely gesture, isn’t it?

While the 29th of June witnessed a lot of donations the last day of that month witnessed the first ever ‘’ecoscream’’. A concept where vendors were selling eco friendly cloths, H studio displaying fashion accessories and handbags and exotic cakes and desserts. I would say that this was the sweetest end to an effort made for a very good cause. Do you agree?

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