IBNLive.com has a new look!

IBNLive Logo

CNN IBN’s website ibnlive.com has a new and a revamped look! The site has a new layout and a design that makes it easy for viewers to navigate different topics without jumping from one page to another.

The layout is well spread out and accommodates all the major sections, from current news, news clips, sports, blogs to movies and weather. The layout also scores on the usability front as the different sections showcase their top stories in a nutshell. Having said that, the major links such as News, Nation, Sports, health etc on top of the page and the viewer can navigate each of them separately too. The page is divided into three columns and each of the three columns occupies one category each starting with a top story, followed by major headlines and then the blogs. The second half of the page has topics such as sports, stock market news, health, entertainment and movies.

IBNLive Tabs Interface

The site’s new look complies with web 2.0 standards and the one thing that appeals in this layout is the interface which is pretty user friendly! It has a better usage of AJAX technology with tab based structures, pagination and collapsible items.


And to top it on it provides a very sleek modal of IBN POD to hear directly from the main page!

IBNLive - TV18 Network

Every part of the page has been well used including the footer which is used effectively to showcase their complete network at one place along with customizable advertisements!

IBNLive Videos

The site has a nice and cool video player with a dynamic look and a good looking interface which stands out. So, watching videos becomes an enriching experience especially for its Indian viewers!

The site provides another utility feature where in there is a provision to use the latest video news in your websites by using their embed code which has been made available as youtube.

In case the viewer wishes to surf for some additional information, then the site’s main search powered by google custom search facilitates this requirement of the user too!

IBNLive - Photo Gallery

Another novel addition to this new look website is their photogallery – that provides superb navigational structure using flash to provide a smooth look to the photos. As a means of convenience, the site also provides html version of the gallery to the viewers.

The viewer gets to view a brief of the major news stories from different segments in the same page without clicking too many links! So, check out the new look website and get a feel of the news with web 2.0 standards!

:) Here is the Full Home Page view of IBNLive.com

IBN Live Full Home page Snapshot - IBNLive.com

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