iDockAll says charge your apple devices without any interruption in usage

Since its inception Apple has been a boon to mankind. No one could in the wildest of their dreams think of anything better than that. But life is always filled with surprises and today is the day I’m going to reveal one of them to you.

iDockAll - iPhones, iPads & iPods with their covers!
iDockAll – iPhones, iPads & iPods with their covers!

The surprise is a unique and an amazing device called iDockAll from WipLabs. This is not just an improvement over the already existing docks but is a lot more than that! It totally changes your usage of any Apple device by allowing you to use it continuously…. even while charging! This was the hidden surprise readers. I’m sure you couldn’t guess that!

So with the iDockAll you no longer have to wait for your device to have sufficient amount of charging before you can use it. Apart from this there are many more amazing things about the iDockAll. Let’s find out all about it. To start with it can charge any Apple device you can name without exceptions. This makes it the first of its kind. Now let us take a look at its making. The iDockAll is created using the exact same CNC process and sandblasting techniques as those used for the iMacs and MacBooks. You also have nothing to worry about the kind of cable that is suitable for iDockAll. It is useful to both the 30 pin and the lightning connector users.

iDockAll – It Just Works!

If this more than what you can think of, take a look at this – the iDockAll will never be useless. What I mean to say is that even if Apple launches hundred other devices the iDockAll will be adaptable for all of them. This unique device will be available to us in two amazing colors that are very posh and maintain the standard of your Apple device. It is available in Aluminium Grey Anodized and Matte Black Anodized. Having said this the colors of the device will be confirmed only when the project is funded and closed. If you have a doubt on its functionality let me tell you that the iDockAll has been sandblasted and it has been found that it fits all iPad or iPhone covers with thicknesses of up to 3mm. To give you a detailed idea of how the iDockAll looks I would say it is cut out of a solid block of aluminum. It is therefore very heavy and robust with a weight of 8.4 ounces (240 grams). Along with the high quality rubber underneath, it remains very stable regardless of what iOS device you chose to use it with.

Obviously you would want to know more about its dimensions, so let me take you through that too. The iDockAll dimensions are:
Front width 2.72 inch (69mm)
Back width 2.12 inch (54mm)
Length 3.52 inch (89mm)
Max height 1.15 inch (28,5mm)
*Height of iDockAll+ 0.78 inch (20mm).

According to the information available it will take some time before the project is launched in the market as they will be shipping only within three months of funding the project. So tell your friends about this amazing device today so you can enjoy its advantages as soon as it’s out in the market. But before that don’t forget to give us a review on this article. I’ll be looking out for your responses!

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