iEqualizer iPhone 5 Case

As the obsession with iPhones continues, so does the need for cool covers. From the girlie soft iPooding idea, to many others, but here’s one that will appeal to a larger audience, the iEqualizer though it doesn’t help in equalizing anything, it does light up when there is a loud sound around.

iEqualizer iPhone 5 Case
iEqualizer iPhone 5 Case

Invented by Japanese company Strapya world, this cover is a fun accessory to own, the effect of the lights in the dark is very pronounced and attractive. Also the best part about the product is that it works on its own button-sized batteries, that are placed inside the case, this relieves you from loss of battery from your iPhone. A very smart move by the product makers. Customers won’t have to compromise on the battery charge of their own phone for all the lighting that will take place during the day.

iPhone 5 Case Has an iEqualizer on the Back:

The only downfall of the product is its overall design, The case makes your iPhones sleekness go out the window. It increases the thickness of the phone at the same time looks rather unattractive. The case has a plastic on/off switch protruding from the top, not a good look for sure.

So who is this product for? costing $32.30 its worth a shot if you like to experiment with dressing your iPhone. You may get bored soon, but the spending won’t be that much. The product is available for pre-order now from Strapya and will hit the markets in┬álate March or early April.

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