Important Dates You Want to Remember This Year

Important dates to remember

As another year is here, there come new important dates. Many of these dates are specific to the year, and many are just general times, but they all represent something of importance in your life.

It is always good to keep a schedule of what you need to remember so you do not look like a fool forgetting something important!

What important dates? Well, for many of us, these can be anniversaries, birthdays, holiday shopping times, or even tax season. The best way to remember is to stay organized and jot them down on your calendar. The second-best is to read this and find out what you should know so you do not miss anything.

Tax Season

This time of the year can creep up on you, and that is not a good thing. The most common question is, when are your taxes due?, which obviously depends on which country you live in, but is usually in April of each year.

Having the heads up on this time of the year is going to help you figure out some important documentation you need to have ready. Tax season might seem stressful, but all of the resources online can help you answer those important questions and circle your calendar when the time comes.

Romantic Anniversary

Big no to miss a partner’s anniversary. If you have done it, you will know how important the date this will be. For those who have not yet missed their anniversary date, well you are in luck Obviously this is different for everybody, but it is good to know when you and your significant others a day of romance are.

Tax season is circled bright red, this should be just as noticeable on your calendar. Scrambling for a last-minute gift is a classic situation, but an easily solved one too. Keep this date marked down and set as many reminders as possible. You do not want to be that guy or girl that missed an anniversary. Although, it makes for a funny story!

Start of the School Year

For all the parents out there, your life is probably busy enough keeping track of your kids and making sure the house is not in total chaos at all hours of the day. Between that and work, you lead a busy life, and forgetting when your children are due back at school can really throw a wrench into your plans of staying sane.

You would be well advised to mark this down and have all of your back to school shopping completed before you get there so that your kid is not heading off to school without supplies. Not only that, but you get the added bonus of avoiding the rush of other parents who came to the realization that they forgot school begins in a week and desperately need supplies.


Every new year has a new importance, but some of these dates remain constant. Keep on top of things by organizing your calendar so you never miss out on any important times of the year. Even if they come every year, you would be surprised at home often you might forget.

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