Inculcating Thoughts…

“The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of good ideas” – Linus Pauling , Nobel Physicist

Remember the days when you took tests in school? We were given a set of chapters to read from and answer the questions pertaining to those questions in the form of multiple choice answers. At all times there was one correct answer and our minds rallied to figure that out. Over a period of time, our minds got fine tuned to this process. So, now when a situation arises or when we face an issue, our mind thinks like a one way lane many a times.

Inculcating Thoughts - Mind Power
Inculcating Thoughts – Mind Power

Another simple way of assessing the path of your thought process is:

  • Take pen and a piece of paper.
  • Draw a circle and a line.

Now look at it, the first instance when you look at it, it may appear to a be a line and a circle. But when you spend time thinking about it, you will start getting different ideas, some may think of it to be a golf club while some other may think of it to be an alien ship even!…

So, it all depends on the extent to which you make your mind tick. The more the thoughts that flow in, the more the ideas you would get. This will lead to greater ideas and solutions to problem both at your workplace and home.

This would also expand your thought process beyond the what I call the ‘one solution syndrome‘! Today, its important to have sharp, quick and feasible solutions to issues and problems. And these come about from ideas and thoughts.

So, start thinking and in the process you will generate the fodder for your mind!

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

A dreamer of sorts & a Creative writer, passionate about reading diverse stuff.

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