India crashes out of Twenty20 World Cup 2009..whom to blame?

India_lostIndia crashed out of the Twenty20 World cup and with its exit sank the hopes of millions of cricket fans who hoped for a repeat of the earlier World Cup performance. It lost all its Super 8 matches, to England, West Indies and South Africa. The losses against England and South Africa said it all, that this was a side which didn’t look life defending their Champions Crown!

Despite the same team composition, the side failed to chase the total of 150 odd runs against the English side. And the same happened yesterday against South Africa, this time the target being 130! This shows the lack of consistency in the side, with the gelling factor missing altogether. The batsmen too failed with only Yuvraj and Rohit Sharma showing some resolve.

But as one looks at the side, the impression one gets from the side is one tht is physically present but mentally absent from the field! Perhaps, IPL was a major success for BCCI and players but the price paid for the success was Twenty20 World Cup and Indian team’s lacklustre performance bore testimony to the same!

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