India cricket team in the Emrald Island…

The Indian team is in Sri Lanka to play the tri nation tournament along with South Africa. Bolstered by the return of maestro Sachin Tendulkar, the team shows some promise.

But will it be able to break the jinx of losing in the finals of tournaments and maul the lankans who are considered to be a tough opponent at home? Well, the practice match played between India and Sri Lanka A does not augument this feeling. The host were defeated by a slender margin and Tendulkar failed to fire!

These may be early days and the Indian team might be taking time to acclimatise to the conditions in Sri Lanka, but then this time, it does not have that many opportunities to give excuses with the return of Tendulkar and Mongia.

So, what do you feel? Will India defy the odds and prove that they can present a stiff challenge to the Lankans and the Proteas??

Be heard…speak out!

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