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Daily News Paper - INDIA - snehaH.comWith India developing at the rate of knots, countless significant developments are happening by the second both inside and outside the country. But it is a near impossibility for an individual to catch each of these events as and when it happens.

Daily News Paper - INDIA -

Keeping this thing in mind, we at have come up with a complete news site, that gives you all kinds of news from across the country as it breaks! We serve you every bit of news that matters to you.

Another stand out feature of this INDIA – Daily News Paper at is that you can now bookmark your favorite news items not only on top indian bookmarking sites, named,,,,, and but also on top international bookmarking sites through AddThis Widget.

Note: The bookmarking would be done directly to the post rather than the newspaper link!

News Items - Daily News Paper - INDIA

You can even search for more relavent content for each and every news item or topic discussed in some other popular sites or blogs with Sphere It and ‘Google It’ features.

Sphere ItSphere It Widget – The Sphere Related Content Widget finds blog posts and media articles related to your content or posts or news items. It gives your readers additional info on the things you like to write about, and they like to read about thereby giving visibility to your writings!!

Google Custom Search EngineNow coming to Google It, it is Google Custom Search that involves passing the individual search query to Google Custom Search, where top Indian news sites have been subscribed to scroll for more updated news. We thought to name it “Google It” as it sounds good as Sphere It :)

Daily News Paper - INDIA - Best Of

The site also has a separate section specially customized for Best of Indya site and the same could be extended to other individual bookmarking sites on specific request. Apart from the headlines, global news, the newspaper also has a unique weather report column, cartoon, word of the day and the ‘quote of the day‘ to make your day!

Check out the customized news site by following these links given below:


Best Of Indya:

So, now you can have the latest path breaking news from different spheres like politics, sports, entertainment and others at one place- News which matters to India and Indians. Catch it day in and day out at, your one stop for an entire gamut of news from across the country at the click of a button!

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