India in Champion’s trophy..

The Indian team presents its challenge at the champion’s trophy with a side ailing with repercussions of experimentation and indifferent form of players.

The challenger series did no great good to the members who are in the squad as the ones out of form continued with their lacklustre performance. Sadly, the prolific run scorers such as Dravid and Yuvraj, failed to make an impression. One bright ray in this entire process was harbhajan who showed his class and guile in his bowling. All in all, the challenger series was a ‘show of equals’ without significant stand out contribution by individual players.

Lack of form of such quality players prior to a tournament such as the Champion’s trophy casts shadow on the overall success of the team. This also accentuates the prospects of other teams such as West Indies and Sri Lanka who won their respective amtches with ease.

The Indian team will have to shed this skin of theirs and reinvent itself as an outfit hungry for success. The bottom line being that even one faliure could mean an exit from the tournament. So there is no room for late beginners!…

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