Indian cricket team mauled in Durban…Nov’06

sehwag2.jpgWatching Indians play at Durban against South Africa in the second one day cricket match, a thought kept recoccurring to me-Does the Indian cricket team play with pride?

The fears I had augured in the previous write up regarding Indian team that of being vulnerable on pacy and bouncy Nitini.jpgwickets overseas in South Africa came true and they lived up to theirreputation!!No batsmen barring the experainced Dravid and Tendulkar had the technique to hang in the centre and score runs against a decent bowling line up. What hurt even more was the fact that the Indian team had played seven batsmen and still crumbled for a score of under 100..howazzat!!
Having been set a target of 250 runs, the Indians surrendered meekly and was scuttled for 91 runs by the South African bowling lineup in what proved to be a comeprehensive defeat.

From what surfaced from yesterday’s encounter was the lack Nek.jpgof technique in younger team members to counter and the play the rising ball. Most of the wickets which fell were an outcome of some injudicious shot selection and lack of experiance. This coupled with the lack of application and feet movement made the players sitting ducks to some clinical seam and fast bowling.

The team would have to get its act together before the next match and show the x-factor -THE PRIDE in their performance against the Proteas if they wish to prove the records and history wrong!!

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