Indian television industry.. present and future..

Indian television industry has seen a surge in terms of development of technology and content in the last decade. old-TV-set.jpgFrom Doordarshan’s to DTH it has indeed come a long way to say the least. From Fauji and Chaupal on Doordarshan to Viraasat and Big Brother on Cable Channels there has been a marked change. Though in terms of the global scenario we are behind the clock but given the way things work in our country we have not done bad!

Let’s take content for instance; the industry has seens a series of trends in this regard. From quiz shows to soaps to reality show it has been a roller coaster ride all throughout with one thing running as a common string in all of these- ‘change’. Each of these trends has given way to something new which could be borrowed from other sources. A small example is the runway hit show- Kaun Banega Crorepati which is borrowed from ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ and Big Boss which is taken from the UK show Big Brother.

The change is content is also driven by the surge in the number of channels which means a horde for ratings and survival. Thus reinforcing the fact that all that matters is something that appeals to the audience and which is out of the mould! Notewothy here is the fact that the auduence’s viewing patterns have also seen a change. Owing to the gradual shift in the economic patterns of the middle class, their habits and lifestyles have also graduated over a period of time. As a result, soaps like the glossy ‘Kyonki Saas bhi’ and its likes have been a hit.

The future is going to be exciting for sure for the Indian television industry, with the arrival of DTH and IPTV. The faster the technology changes, its repurcussions would be seen in the television industry in the form of content of the shows and programming patterns. All this calls for a greater political will to facilitate change and bring more well defined laws and guidelines. The first step in this regard would be a large bandwidth which would see more options like internet tv etc.

So, watch out friends.. the future is to fast.. we will have to wait and watch!

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