Indian Test Victory at Perth – some fascinating videos

For all those who thought Indians were lambs to the slaughter at Perth against the invincible Aussies were proved wrong by the spirited effort put by the Indian team. The Indians played like a team and did what mattered most- gelled like a cohesive unit. This was the mantra that earned them the prized test victory in Australia’s bastion Perth – The World’s Fastest pitch.

By the Perth test victory, the Indian team proved the critics wrong and did the unthinkable! There were many glorious moments in the match, in fact, in each session to be correct. From Dravid, Tendulkar and VVS Laxman’s fabulous and silken knocks respectively to Sehwag, Irfan and Kumble’s strikes one could say that the wall was built brick by brick.

These were some crucial and moments that turned the tide and match in India’s favor, have fun watching..

Rahul Dravid’s glorious 93 in the first innings , studded with scintillating boundaries

Sachin Tendulkar’s gritty knock of 71

VVS Laxman’s silken knock of 79 in the second innings

Irfan Pathan’s knock of 45 in the second innings

Pointing bamboozled by Ishant Sharma in second innings

Virender sehwag dismissing Glichrist

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  1. At least one blog( was spot on and had predicted as earlyas 6th january that India would win. the reasons given appear to have cked also.

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