Indian Web Showcase – a Wiki for all Indian Websites

Indian Web Showcase – The “Indian Web Showcase”, a wiki dedicated to all Indian related websites that provides information about websites and related content. The site was created with a vast resource pool of websites which is being updated by users with every passing day.

Indian Web was created by Sravan Kumar in Feb 16 2007 who has to his credit many a famous sites like and

One stop for information

Our goal is to create a free Open Directory (read-write) through this valuable Internet resource which contains information of all websites which deal with INDIA and the services provided to INDIAns from all around the world.

Knowledge sharing and contribution

It is the contributions of users like you that form the backbone of our website. It is observed that although many useful websites get registered daily, some of them fail to make it to our resource pool. You may feel free to add such useful websites by using the Search Box option but donít forget to provide the link to the website along with the data! You may also place pictures, append or update the information regarding websites and content.

While contributing information, just place the logos in a centralized location in the site so that users may freely edit and append information regarding websites.

What is

It is a large resource pool of websites and content which helps you find answers to queries and content on India and related topics. The large and diverse nature of the resource pool will help people from different walks of life enhance their lifestyles and professional sphere by using

The websites in the resource pool pertain to different topics from sports, entertainment to media, travel and business. And the best part of this website is it is made by contributors from all across the globe who wish to simplify the lives of Indians all around the world.


  • Help find answers to queries pertaining to India using the websites and content
  • Get different perspectives on one topic from different resources simultaneously
  • Be in touch with current developments in different spheres pertaining to India
  • Be in touch with a vibrant community of contributors
  • Be the first to be in touch with changes in different spheres like business, sports and entertainment
  • Find the best minds at work of various industries

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A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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