India’s 63rd Independence Day in 2009

On the eve of India’s 63rd Independence day, scores of entertainment channels displayed the list of shows and movies to be aired on 15th August 2009 to celebrate India’s independence from Britishers which was won on 15th August 1947. Entertainment for sure but reflecting a little makes one wonder if an Indian today is aware of the value of freedom?

63 Independence Day INDIA
63 Independence Day INDIA

India sure has come a long way from 1947, given what it inherited from the British Raj and Indians ought to be proud of it. From a Gold at the Olympics in hockey in 1948, the green & white revolution, India’s emergence as a IT powerhouse to Chandrayaan mission, Metro rail projects, World Cup 20-20 champions and Abhinav Bindra’ gold in Olympics in shooting, India sure has marched along in leaps in bounds. We are progressing but as a nation where the multitude is middle class, the development
wave needs to be more uniform and sustainable.

Progress and sustainable development would be come true when there is greater employment, better return for farmers toiling in different parts of the country at high credit, villages have roads, power, irrigation and drinking water facilities, cities have a better amenities and greener energy resources and corruption levels are brought down in every possible area of work among the several other areas.

We at Wittysparks have come up with a time-line of videos of events from 1947 till date which would make you make you not only nostalgic and proud but also make you weep with few sad instances. But at the end of it all, one thing for sure, it would make every Indian proud of being an Indian!

15th August 1947- speech by Lord Mountbatten

India defeats Pakistan in 1971 war

A New India August 15 1947

Prakash Padukone wins All England Championship 1981

Rakesh Sharma’s space odyssey- 1982

India World Cup Cricket Champions-1983

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assasinated- 1984

Maruti 800 launched in India – 1984

Maruti 800 Launch
Maruti 800 Launch

Rajiv Gandhi assasination -1991

Ayodhya Babri Masjid demolition- 1992

Viswanathan Anand, World Chess Champion – 1995

Operation Kargil, 1999

Sushmita Sen crowned Miss Universe, 2004

Abhinav Bindra wins gold in Olympics-2007

India win 20-20 world cup -2007

ISRO launches Chadrayaan-I- 2008

Mumbai terror attacks -2008

A R Rahman wins Oscar award- 2009


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