India’s first NFC cafe based in Hyderabad!

The First NFC enable cafe in India is at Hyderabad - SkyPark Cafe

Research in Motion has introduced this novel technology for the first time in India. The first NFC – enabled cafe was unveiled this month in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, where customers can walk in and tap their phones into the NFC reader and get their transactions done in seconds.

SkyPark Cafe uses BlackBerry phones and PlayBook tablets to offer its customers services based on NFC (Near Field Communications), wi-fi, and Bluetooth.

SkyPark has used a BlackBerry NFC application that can read plastic cards (loyalty cards for now) and debit customers’ accounts to clear the bills. The struggling mobile company has turned itself around by introducing this new technology. Simply put, NFC-enabled cafes are the next generation of internet cafes.

“BB smartphones are powered with NFC technology that facilitates peer-to-peer content exchange using a feature on the devices called BB Tag. This platform also allows users to play games with friends in the cafe,” Annie Mathew, Head of Alliances (Research in Motion India), said in an interview with The Hindu Business Line.

NXP shows off its NFC-powered cafe at MWC – EE Times – Mobile World Congress

NFC refers to Near Field Communication Technology which allows communication or simple transactions between two devices in close proximity. NFC chip contains information that can be read by any device capable of detecting it.

Many smartphones these days have this technology which makes it easy to send data at a short distance. Many stores all over the world are adopting this technology into their cash registers; it’s as simple as placing your phone close to their NFC reader and making the payment for your purchase.

It’s becoming huge at a fast pace, and most new smartphones will come with this capability as a standard. It’s fast and easy, and on an NFC-enabled smartphone, you receive a notification, similar to an SMS, notifying you of a detected NFC chip. The chip will have a name, such as “The Ocean Front Cafe”, and you have the option to read or interact with the chip.

This is great for businesses as instead of a customer deciding to interact or connect with your company online; they are prompted to. According to a Blackberry developer, this application could help businesses get rid of costly information technology infrastructure and concentrate on their core activity. So, Hyderabad can now enjoy cutting–edge technology, all thanks to Research in Motion.

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