International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts 2008

9th International Children Festival organized by Ryan Foundation will be held in Delhi at BalBhawan located near ITO.There 5000 children from across the globe will participate.

This kind of Children Festival, children from different country will participate in different kind of works, stage, art, theater, culture.

In year 2000, Ryan Foundation established Ryan Foundation Drama Club. Whose object was to promote children theater activities. In year 2000, around 800 children participate which left a great impact on the heart of 1000 audience. Through theater as a medium one can express their feelings. Politics and religion divides the people but culture and art is the moods which unites people. After which there was no looking back.


Every year and after year number of participant countries and children are increasing and this time around 28 country are participating with around 5000 children. Different type of culture , drama, dance, traditional dress and languages but we will see the bond of love and friendship between them.

Children from the age group of 10yrs to 15yrs. Will under one roof will stay from 27th to 30th Nov.We can understand how much colorful and vibrant atmosphere will be created.

Romania (3)

There will be no politics and religion discrimination only brotherhood, love and understanding between them will develop.

Countries participating this year areĀ  Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Faro Island, Finland, Germany, Iran, Lithuania, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Uganda, Zambia.

Croatia (1)

Its not like as if there is no competition in Ryan Children Festival. The competition will have street play, Solo drama & Dance drama.

The opening of festival will be by huge inauguration. Every year they wore white T-shirt, which symbolisms peace which is very attractive.

According to the president of Ryan Foundation Ms.Gresh Pinto, 5000 children will perform peace march with candle lightings.The event will have disco parties also and not only serious topics.

Pakistan Aakash

Minimum 12 children from 1 school will participate. In street play, within 10min. children of the age 12yrs-15yrs. Will present their talent. In street play 8-12 children can participate. This will take place in LTG Auditorium, Bal Bhawan on 28th Nov. at 9am.

Similarly on 29th of 9am competition of bally dance and drama will take place. The specialty of the show is film songs will not be allowed and the participants will have only 2 min. to setup the stage.

In solo drama children have to present their talent in 10min. the children of age group 10yrs-16yrs. will participate. This will happen in LTG auditorium, Bal Bhawan on 30th Nov. which is the last day of the festival.

Finland (1)

This Intentional festival will be of 4 days will be organized in LTG and also in Shri Ram Center and Kamani audition and also Rashtriya Bal Bhawan.

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