Internet Copy Cats!

Internet is growing in leaps and bounds and this means content too is being generated in large volumes.But hang on, is content being generated or is it being reproduced?

It is the latter, and one can clearly see the same from different instances that bring out this aspect of COPYING blatantly just to get traffic. Ethics apart, such websites don’t have an objective or a larger goal but are primarily driven by getting traffic to their website.

We found one website, which we would like to show you to explain how copying of content, design, layout takes place. This kind of approach does no good to the overall growth of internet as it is the same content which gets reproduced and which could lead to a dearth in the long run. Imagine, searching for some stuff on Google and getting the same search results from different sources, all appearing alike, Horrible isn’t it? Well, unfortunately the web is slowly moving towards that and it is websites like which are driving such an trend., has taken the layout from, and used it for on their websites. As can be seen from the images below, this is further heightened by the fact, that the website has even copied the CSS of The AUTHOR’S NAME ( SRAVAN) of in the comments of the CSS (/*SRAVAN*/) has also been copied in the CSS of nkut which goes to show the EXTENT of blind copying being resorted by This is a also a classic example of an imitator who wants to go and do what is already available and not come up with something genuine.

Here is our CSS path’s:


you can literally compare their CSS and our CSS which contains our commented message saying “/*SRAVAN*/” they blindly copied the same….. check the snapshot of the same below…..

copy css

Apart from this the worst part comes in the form of content. Each post which is put up in gets copies and reproduced in within a short while which goes to show that the website as a whole does not have any novel content to provide its users. And this might be just one instance. Just imagine all its services could be a reproduction from various sources, in other words, it could be a website which is being fuelled by other websites who have genuine content.
The best and the most visible instance of copying can be seen in the disclaimer message which is a word by word repetition and reproduction from, now that is called copying the warning!

WordPress which gives codes and a platform to launch blogs and templates for independent bloggers also are at the receiving end of things as their template which has been reproduced and has not been acknowledged by

The comparison of the instances might appear confusing so one way to separate the genuine from fake would be to have a look at the time stamp on each post. The posts by would show a time lag which proves the above !

The sad part is the weak laws which govern the web with regard to content and designing. Ingenuity cannot be proved easily and reproduction and repetition is not properly defined for the medium.

Web, we all agree is an ocean or numerous oceans put together..but it what makes it fascinating is the diversity. The one way we can keep the web growing is by making VALUE ADDITIONS TO prevailing and existing ideas and content and NOT COPY THEM BLATANTLY. An act and approach like this will only lead to a negative growth trend for internet in the long run and websites which do this like should stop and do value additions before reproducing the content.

Even after the prior copyright claim notice to – they dint even bothered to respond back to us. So finally we have decided to come out with this article.

Let me explain in detail what they have literally copied with snapshots:

The right snapshots are the original and the actual owners of, we have highlighted our snapshots with GREEN color to explain/show what they have copied literally.

Here comes the first snapshot:

1. They copied Javascript file in which we have a global menu “snehaH Videos Games Bookmarks…..” etc. and the logo – they copied literally – check the difference.

snehaH Logo Copy

2. On 29th March 2008, after observing that is copying our concept – we thought to have this Disclaimer Notice and Copyright Violation message, they copied even that and smartly they changed the date to 28th March 2008 :) Disclaimer Notice Disclaimer Date

3. Footer: We have a Creative Commons License and WordPress 2.5 and Redoable 1.2 (theme) we have kept all link back to the respective owners, but simply removed those which shows literally the copyright violation of wordpress and also Redoable. footer

and now Here is what they couldn’t copy:

1. Since long we are maintaining this site and here is the FeedBurner – RSS Feeds

RSS Feed Burner

2. Check the related posts – we have formatted well but they couldn’t.

Related Posts

3. They forgot to modify the dates for their regular articles as they did a proper modification in Disclaimer and Copyright Violation notice/article.

4. They couldn’t find the “Google Ajax Related Search” which we have recently released as an experimental wordpress plugin – you can find the details about this plugin in our website.


5. Discover This is our new project which is still under development phase and testing phase – and we just had this Discover this button to test our services.

Discover This

6. and the another one – Google Custom Search – they couldn’t do it.

Google Search

Web, we all agree is an ocean or numerous oceans put together..but it what makes it fascinating is the diversity. The one way we can keep the web growing is by making VALUE ADDITIONS TO prevailing and existing ideas and content and NOT COPY THEM BLATANTLY. An act and approach like this will only lead to a negative growth trend for internet in the long run and websites which do this like should stop and do value additions before reproducing the content.

So friends – let us know your feedback on further action to be taken care. Hope to hear from you all, thanks in advance. Spread this article so that no one should copy here after.

Finally: I hope they won’t copy this article after seeing this post by changing the content :) – Joke’s apart – this is a serious issue for all web developers.

Copy Cat’s Updates:

April 01 2008 10:30PM IST – they took the step by changing the CSS to the original theme of Redoable, they still didn’t even bother to shut down their copied site.

April 02 2008 8:30AM IST – ha ha again they are using our CSS, now they have removed the commented /*SRAVAN*/ text and they replaced it with /*NKUT*/ – shame on their part they don’t even know that there is no use of that comment in the CSS any more. This shows a true copy cat act – now I hate those people totally – shame on their part – they should know what they are doing at least on their part and common they are running a hosting service too – some “FM Informatics” where is the guarantee that they won’t copy the other hosted content in their servers or some R n D stuff done by some web masters/developers – so I prefer not to go with their hosting services anymore. Hope you all agree with me.

Lets check their next step.

Published by Sravan Kumar Kandagatla

Sravan is the Founder of WittySparks, a global content publishing platform that offers witty stories and information across multiple industry domains. Under his leadership, WittySparks today has become a go-to destination for in-depth knowledge of healthcare, business, and marketing topics. Besides, Sravan is a highly experienced web designer, developer, and user experience designer. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn and initiate a chat.

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  1. i agree with both xasu and kiran, nkut has indeed copied from and that is very disappointing and unfair business practice. If some lawful means can be used to curb such practice then it should be done…

  2. I really surprised, Its really chep to steal the whole concept, layout. But I think It won’t work because people are really aware and it wont work any more.

  3. plagarism in any form needs to be arrested. we condemn this act and we are of YOUR Support dear Sravan.

  4. God save internet’s creativity..plagiarism is an offense.. this nkut guy needs to wake up and stop infringing on other’s copyrights…
    Rather than complaining, we may have to come up with advanced security tools to disable alt u or firebug add-on,etc to make internet a better place


  5. I am totally against this nkut guy who stole the hours of hardwork from a creative yet free and open website like

    There needs to be some kind of legal action against the webmaster of the

    How can they just steal some ones work with out some legal permissions?

    they can not publish content from other websites.

    Hope the nkut guys will be properly punished

  6. suck you!!!!!!

    this guy is just wast of time….the whole content is copied from

    use less

  7. It is absolutely unprofessional to ditto copy the website. If it was only taking inspiration on design aspects, then I belive, it would have been ok. But here it seems an altogether new business is running using somebody else’s hard work. On a philosophical note, there is no free lunch. Anybody who tries to get anything for free or steal anything, has to pay someday or other. I would like to advise the guys who seem to be copying here to shun such practice and build their own portal using their own wits
    I would also like to congratulate people because their work seems to be so good that people go to the extent of fully copying it. Keep up the good work, but make sure no body takes undue credit.
    good luck


  8. I must agree copying or cheating is really bad. And this nkut guy is dong something which is very unethicals..but one thing i dont understand, and that is..what the guys of doing?Is that not copying? I mean putting the contents of youtube on their website is also an act of cheating. One should come with some innovative ideas..and not copying the masters.
    So in that way i think both these guys are cheaters..why blame only one?

  9. That’s a good response from you all, appreciate it, Thanks a lot for all your support.

    Ajith, thanks for your comments – but now a days every application has come up with their own APIs – with which we can build our own application by using their APIs, so we used youtube APIs/available plugin for So there is nothing like copying from youtube content. And our main concern is is not blaming on the content but copying the design/layout/color schemes as it is literally which we feel bad, as a creative person I know how much effort we have to put before we come up with a color scheme and you can observe the screen shots on how they are literally copying – that’s our main concern.

  10. I agree with what Admin has said Ajith, Snehah team is not disappointed with the copying of content but it is the copying of the design and the hard work of the team with regard to the layout and its features.. Tomorrow if someone does the same to your creativity, then you will realise the pangs of such an act.

  11. hmm..if youtube did’nt wanted anyone to use their videos, why wud they give you any API’ can check out their website on their API’s and how to use them if you are interested. dude must get your facts correct before you resort to such words and statements. Also is more than just a social networking has lot of innovative sections like mychoice, news which are unique in their own way for a social networkin site..and the main concern what this article talks about is the copying of design/layout/color schemes. Coming up with their own ideas with regards to design/layout as well as new sections is enough hardwork that needs to encouraged compared to which does nothing but copying from various sources and making revenue out of it.

  12. i am user at i am really shocked while reading this article that the founder of nkut is a copycat,a design/layout thief

    i was thinking of the fact since a long time that these are not hand made designs of the founder

    there were some things that doesnt meant to be there like sravans name in the css but he gradually changing everything now a dayz and deleting any trace of coping this site

    he was busy for some dayz now i realize why he was busy …..copying

    i feel reaally bad for this

    its a violation of copyright plz take legal actions to overcome it if any…….. theres no other way left

  13. this is really bad..and i wish this type frauds should be punished…internet is the source for everything..why to make it cheap… i really feel bad about this

  14. i am a regular nkut user….i am feeling sorry for faisal(founder of nkut) …
    i could never think that he could be a copy cat…..
    i still can’t believe this…he should be punised severly…
    faisal ..i can’t believe…

  15. I’m also from
    I hate that website. on now , onwords , I hates that more website more.

    Because He kepps on deleting me!

    He is not having any patience.

    In orkut and others, many of them are talking about some other website, In this website , IF we talks about some other website. HE will delwte thus.


    I hope , you will die sooner!!!

  16. I’m also from
    I hate that website….
    on now-onwords , I hates that website more than any other website.

    Because He keeps on deleting me!

    He has no patience.

    In and others websites, many of them are talking about some other website, In this website , IF we talks about some other website. HE will delete us.


    I hope , you will die sooner!!!

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