Introducing… Chikki by Paper Boat!

Paper Boat Foods and Drinks

There’s great news for Paper Boat lovers. Your favorite brand has come up with an all-new item to surprise your taste buds. You will now experience the traditional Chikki in Paper Boat style.

Earlier we have seen in Wittysparks how Paper Boat cast a spell on its fans by taking them back to childhood with flavors like jamun kala khatta, amras, jaljira and kokum. Then they presented us with the mind-blowing iced tea. Just when we thought the surprises have come to an end, they have come up with the Chikki!

Chikki - Paper Boat Foods
Chikki – Paper Boat Foods

Their tremendous success of refreshing drinks has led them to put their first step into the field of traditional Indian snacks. Ask why they chose Chikki for their first food product and Hector Beverages CEO Neeraj Kakkar will tell you that every product of the brand will have a touch of Indian to it. In that case, what could be better than India’s favorite Chikki?

Being protectors of the traditional Indian food, as they call themselves, they want to prevent traditional Indian snacks from dying out or being prepared unhygienically. With this idea in mind, they have been working on this product for the last two and a half years. To give us nothing but the best, they are using carefully selected peanuts from Rajkot, Gujarat in the making. The same standards are being maintained in case of jaggery too.

Paper Boat has something in store for us during the summers. They are going to gift us the Aam Papad. Will we also taste chips and other popular snacks from Paper Boat? No. they insist on sticking to the taste of India.

Their association with the Japanese company for over a year helps them reach small towns like Meerut or Gorakhpur. As per the information from, these towns give Paper Boat a business of 10-15 percent, which they expect to increase by 60 percent in the future.

When Paper Boat is so popular in India, why not penetrate the western market? There’s an interesting answer to this question. When they offered their product to the American and British people, they faced obstacles.

The obstacles come in the form of more time for transportation and shorter shelf life. For now, Paper Boat is only looking at the Middle East as a market as it takes only 10-15 days for shipping. So, what do you think? Are you excited to eat the Paper Boat Chikki?

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