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All of us are witnessing an ever changing world around us. Developments in every sphere are happening at the click of a mouse which directly or in some distant way affect us on a daily basis.

Many a times we have an opinion or an idea which we feel like expressing but do not find a platform. Not only ideas but articles which speak your mind out. So, we at Wittysparks have come up with a guest section which gives you the platform to post your thoughts/ idea / opinion or writeup.

This would give you a chance to highlight your writing skills. You also get your post read by thousands of people who visit our site and thus build upon a community which shares similar thoughts. In simple terms, you could be assured of visibility!

Just a few things which you would have to keep in mind before you submit your posts:-

  • Your article/ writeup would have to be genuine and unique and should not have been published elsewhere.
  • If you borrow information for your write up from some other website don’t forget to put a courtesy link in the article to that website from where the content is borrowed.
  • The post should be your own creation and not a ‘copy paste ‘ job as we discourage such inputs.
  • Please ensure that your writeup is useful and adds value to the reader in some way or other.
  • The subjects of your posts could be diverse , from sports to politics.

Your posts could make you a regular author on our site if you contribute interesting posts on a regular basis. We would decided on this aspect based on the popularity of the posts contributed by you.

So, what are you waiting for? Post your thoughts / writeup and opinions and be a part of a large network. Post your thoughts, writeup and suggestions to admin [{at the rate}]

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